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24 October 2010 @ 03:38 am
i just can't look, its killing me  
So I know now how much of a failed updater I am. I suck. I try, really I do, to maintain a journal but all I manage is diary entries in my very neglected Everyday Book every few weeks and they're all so disjointed and more often than not I'm interrupted before I get around to actually finishing the entry.

Well, no use hiding my diary from my future children. There's not going be much other than "The dream was so [INSERT MANY BLANK LINES HERE BECAUSE I PROMISED MYSELF I'D REMEMBER TO FINISH LATER. I FORGET.]".

Anyhoo. I'm really tired. It's 3:36 am and i just wanted to lj about how I'm alive blah blah started writing again but it's hard, but whatever. OH! And I've also started taking english Literature classes. It's surprisingly... hard. Well, hard isn't the word I'm looking for here. More like, challenging? Nice-challenging though

Kks I should shut up and catch some Z's. I wonder why they say that. Speaking of catching Z's, I just watched ANTM Cycle 14's Big Destination Reveal. That's some strange shit right there.

k bai guise
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